The Leigons of Aquitaine.

We are Legion.


One of the first things established in the empire was the defense of the alliance. Men, Dwarves, Elves, and Half-Orcs were banded together to fight of the larger orcish invasions.

To date, there are Nine Cohorts throughout the land, and all of the Legion forts are built to a standard so that any member can immediately find the particular building that they need. Originally there were built in canvas tents, but after centuries of existence, permanent structures have been built and reinforced by the Logistica.

The Legion serves many functions in the realm, including policing and protecting the citizenry of the realm. They also function as explorers, scouts, and the first line of defence against the raiders that plague farms and towns along the coats, and the monsters and creatures that emerge from the wilderness.

Legion Construction
There are nine cohorts that filter through the land. The first three are located in Aquitaine itself.

The First Cohort of Legion, also known as the First Phile are protectors of the realm. Their offices are located in the very center of the city, and their duties include protection of the Emperor, and work as agents of the throne.

The Second Cohort of the Legion is the constructed Navy that patrols the waters out of the Bay of The Baroness. There are several ports in other cities that house this Legion that also protect the outer waters of Aquitaine from invaders.

The Third Cohort represents the Home Guard, and work with the senate to create and establish laws throughout the realm in order to best maintain order, and help its citizenry.

The Fourth Cohort is located in Harrivad, the Northern Mountain Dwarf City. Its the largest of the Logistica cohort, as a good many of the weapons, and armor provided from the legion are created here.

The Fifth Cohort is located in

The Sixth Cohort is from

The Seventh Cohort is located in Myrmos the Free City. Despite the city not being a part of the Legion proper, it does have a full cohort located within the walls, and a port for the Navy.

The Eight Cohort is located in Havenbrook, and the entire of the city was built up around it, with the Legion serving as the city center, and the outer market districts growing from there.

The Ninth Cohort is located in Aquila’s Redoubt, and is the newest cohort created at standing army at the last major battle of the realm some 200 years ago. Since then the realm has known no major threats beyond simple incursions, and the monsters that dwell within its boarders.

Cohort Construction
Each Cohort is constructed in the same manner.

At the top and leader of the Cohort is the Legate, who acts as the commander in the field. His rule over the cohort is absolute, and always began as a common legionnaire who rose through the ranks.

Below him are his Tribunes, four leaders of the Legion’s forces from the three different ranks.

Tribune Medica – Leader of the core of healers.
Tribune Magica – Leader of the core of mages.
Tribune Logistica – Leader of the supply core.
And Tribune Centurion, Leader of the troops.

The Medica, Magica and Logistica have Sub-Tribunes who help run the operations, and there are usually less members of these cores than the troops.

The Tribune Centurion runs the core of the troops. Each cohort holds eight spears of troops. Each spear has a centurion of its own, and has two ranks of troops.

Immunes: Named so because they are immune to guard duty, and physical labor required by the troops.

Troops, Legionnaires ect. The common troops that server under the cohort.

The Leigons of Aquitaine.

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