Half-Orc Warpriest


Urist Lecover


Urist is a Warpriest from the 8th Cohort, and is a follower of Sarenrae.

She is a tall and svelt 6’3" tall, and her body has a series of scars that line through her body.

She is a quiet person and only speaks when there is something to say. She is well known by the Eighth Cohort for her devotion to the Leigon.


Urist and her sister Arvest were raised in Havenbrook as Orphans. Their parents were caught, and tried in Aquitaine for thievery. They were raised in the temple of Sarenrae, and when Arvest showed aptitude for the magic arts, and was sent with Urist to Aquitaine for training.

Both ended up joining the legion where they were stationed back in their home town.


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