Emperor Gaius Primus

The First Emperor of Aqutaine.


Born – 107 First Age
Died – 53 Second Age

Children – The Primarch
Gorra – First of the Phile
Linna – Second Gaius
Berra – The Barren
Borash – First of the Navy
Undar – 3rd Gaius
Ophel –
Asphar – Dead before adulthood


Let this city stand for the work done here. Men, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes and all, stood here together. – Gaius Primus of Aquitaine.

Long dead, the first Emperor of Aquitaine lives on in songs, tales, and other folklore as a figure of great prominence. His statue is in the middle of the market district looking skyward, his features commissioned by his children and it stands as a testament to the strength of the Empire.

Early Life:

Originally the chieftain of a band of nomadic humans, he would move and trade goods among the people, selling furs from the south to Dwarves in the north. Taking Iron from the Dwarves and selling it to the Gnomes who would work it, and then sell their tools to the Elves for food, and became the master merchant for the area, forging alliances between the races.

This mercantile route started up the trade relations with the other races of Aquitaine and established a bond between the peoples. When the first round of Orc Raiders came traipsing up the valley and into the mountains, the Dwarves called upon Primus for aid, and he answered with an army of Elves, Gnomes, Halfings, and Humans who had pledged loyalty to the Merchant Chief. At this point, the battle had raged its last light, and the leaders all formed an alliance, that began with the founding of Aquitaine as a means of protection and defense around the world. The funds were used to create merchant routes throughout the land, and funded the first army consisting of conscripts from all races.

Emperor Gaius Primus:

Once the realm settled, it needed a ruler and the first duly elected person fro that job was Primus, leader of the human tribes. With agrarian knowledge from the Elves, Steel from the Dwarves, Smithing from the Gnomes, and the newly formed Half-Orc Ensemble, the city of Aquitaine grew and flourished for what it was, a bastion of defense and a merchant hub. The first three cohorts were formed within the fledgling years of Aquitaine. The First Phile, The Second Cohort and The Third Cohort in order to defend the outlying regions and continue to develop a foothold in the realm.

Death and Legacy:

Primus fell in the Lost Tower, defending the realm against a very evil wizard who had taken up residence in the eastern part of the realm along the Markpass Mountains. His body and his tomb forever sealed in the dead wizard’s tower.

His seven sons who shared in his features, continued to build upon his father’s dream. His lineage lasting and building, leading the Empire for nearly 1500 years.

Emperor Gaius Primus

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